Thursday, September 13, 2012

West Coast vs. Mid West

We have been living in West Lafayette, Indiana for just about a month now and so there have been a few things that I have noticed that are quite different from living in Southern California. 
So here's my list of the differences I’ve noticed in West Lafayette during our first month here:
Steakburgers not hamburgers
Pop not soda
When it rains there is usually a thunder storm too
No Costco, Sam’s Club instead
No In-n-out
Frozen custard is more popular than ice cream (it's basically the same thing)
Deep dish pizza is a regular not a novelty
Hardee’s not Carls Jr
No Trader Joes
It is illegal to sell alcohol on Sundays
Average speed limit around town is 35 MPH
It is illegal to text while driving but not to talk
No ocean
Corn fields are everywhere
No sourdough bread
Bears’ games are played on local tv channels
We are more likely to have a tornado than an earthquake nearby
There are squirrels everywhere
Each city has it's own marked water tower
There are lots of crickets, cicadas, fireflies, and mosquitos
Eastern time zone (so 3 hours later than our family and friends back at home)

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