Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tokyo DisneySea

For those of you who know me, you should know that I have an affection for all things Disney, especially the theme parks. Therefore, when I found out Nick got into NSF Japan, I was very much ready to book tickets to go to Tokyo Disneyland. I started sharing my plans with others and I quickly learned from those who have been to Japan before that Tokyo Disneyland was no different from Anaheim Disneyland; that they were mirror images of one another except in different countries. With that information, I decided I would not allow myself to go to Tokyo Disneyland since there is no point in spending time at a park I have been to a million times in the States when I am in a new country that has much more than just Disneyland to offer. Then I found out that there was another Disney theme park in Tokyo called DisneySea. As soon as I learned that Tokyo DisneySea was a unique Disney park, I booked our tickets! Luckily, they offer a night ticket where you enter the park after 5pm and it is half price, so we managed to "save" some money. Plus, Disneyland has always been more magical to me at night. Our tickets cost a measly 3300 yen ($33), which is ridiculously cheap compared to a day at the Disney parks in Anaheim (currently $92), which was a nice surprise. 
DisneySea Land Map

Our Disney day started  in Nagoya, Japan where we attended a sumo wrestling tournament the day before. We traveled Friday morning to Tokyo and managed to check into our hotel and walk around the city visiting sites including an amazing shrine with an abundance of torii gates before arriving at DisneySea right on time to enter the park at 5pm. 
Hie Shrine
I dressed the part, ready for Tokyo DisneySea
All I really feel like sharing other than photos is that going to DisneySea in Tokyo was quite an experience. Although it felt familiar and very much like Disney, it was quite different. First off, on a Friday night in the summer the max wait for a ride was 20 minutes, other than the brand new toy story mania ride which was at least a 40 minute wait. Second, everything was in Japanese, that is everything but the signs or names of rides; stories told on rides were narrated in Japanese, ride instructions were told in Japanese, all the employees were Japanese, many women guests were dressed in kimono or yukata, etc. Third, the food was more Japanese focused (we ate a delicious gyoza bread wrap) minus the popularity of popcorn being sold all over the park in different flavors: sea salt, caramel, black pepper, strawberry, milk tea, curry, and apple cinnamon (ok maybe that is a bit different, lol). Overall, DisneySea was a great experience, it was very magical :) and it definitely gave me my Disney fix for the year (much needed since we no longer live close to Disneyland). 
Gyoza Sausage Bun Food Cart
 Here is a photo journal of our good times at DisneySea...

Only way to get to the park entrance is by the Disney Train, it costs 250 yen ($2.50) each, each way - I guess it is comparable to the $20 parking fee in Anaheim
Tokyo Disney is celebrating it's 30th Anniversary - The Happiness Year
Mediterranean Harbor - Venetian Gondola Ride
The center of DisneySea - The Mediterranean Sea

Mysterious Island - with the best rides: Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Mermaid Lagoon - my favorite character, The Little Mermaid,  finally has her own land and multiple rides

Arabian Coast - Aladdin and Sinbad themed land, perfect for Nick (Aladdin is his fave Disney character)
Arabian Coast - I love how real these sets look
Lost River Delta - awesome rides like a wooden coaster named  Raging Spirits and of course, Indiana Jones except this ride although it has a near identical layout is based off of the Temple of the Crystal Skull
Port Discovery - Storm Rider and Aquatopia (we got drenched)
American Waterfront - Tower of Terror
Toyville Trolley Park - The newest addition to DisneySea
DisneySea Fantasmic Show
Mysterious Island at night - this was our most favorite land at DisneySea

Bye Bye DisneySea, it was a great yet exhausting visit!

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