Sunday, March 2, 2014

Homemade "Crunch Wrap"

Crunch Wrap
 So Taco Bell is a fast food joint that has made up this genius way of serving a hard and soft, cheesy, beefy, mess-less taco. The Crunch Wrap is one of Nick's most favorite inventions and so since we don't really eat much fast food anymore, I decided to give it a try at home. Oh my! These are great and yet oh so filling. You do not need more than one to fill you up.

Ground beef cooked with taco seasoning
Nacho cheese sauce
Iceberg lettuce, chopped
Tomatoes, chopped
Red onion, chopped
Sour cream
Large burrito sized flour tortillas
Corn tortillas, fried hard

On a large burrito sized flour tortilla layer in the middle starting with a spread of nacho cheese sauce, topped with a hard corn tortilla, ground beef, chopped lettuce, chopped tomatoes, red onions, a couple dollops of sour cream, another hard corn tortilla topped with nacho cheese. Fold the corners of the flour tortilla to fold over the final layer. Once sealed, grill in a panini grill or a grill pan. Enjoy!

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