Monday, February 9, 2015

DIY Nursery Alphabet

For my recent baby shower, I found this wonderful idea on Pinterest to have guests decorate a letter from the alphabet to put up in the nursery. It seemed like a good idea and a fun activity to have available. I also figured we might not get enough participants but that’s okay because then I could just decorate the remaining letters myself. Well to my surprise, this activity was a huge hit. Not only did we run out of letters (because some people did more than one each), but the craft table was busy the entire shower. We had a co-ed shower and so even more surprising was how many men participated in this activity. There was a moment where I was worried we would have too many pink letters, but my girlfriend who helped with hosting, stepped in and removed the pink paints after she saw there were 5 letters in pink already (great job Meggie!!!). Another complete shocker was how well it all came together, not a single letter was the same color as the one next to it. This seriously is my most favorite thing in our little girl’s nursery now and we will treasure it forever. I just love the fact that every letter was crafted by one of our loved ones just for her, it is just so wonderful. 

Everyone should do this activity at their baby shower. It was so simple to prep and the supplies weren’t too expensive.  

  • Wooden letters of the entire alphabet (we bought a set with some cute random fonts and sizes from Etsy for $30, they were not painted white, so we (my friend Meggie) did spray paint them all white so that the base would be the same color for all the letters and not the wood color, they sell white sets too for more money)
  • Assorted acrylic paint colors (you can be as limited or broad as you want with these)
  • Paint brushes
  • Some sharpies (to write on the back)
  • Craft glue
  • Assorted buttons, legos, jewels, etc.
  • Your creativity
  • Mounting tape (we used Scotch permanent foam double sided mounting tape to hang the letters on the nursery wall - it worked really easily and took a small piece for each letter)
  • That’s it! 
They set up a craft table at the shower, covered in plastic, and laid out all the letters and materials and we included a paper with directions (you want to make sure your guests sign the back of the letter, so you know who did what) and a photo of the ones I found online to help with creative inspiration. They turned out so good!!! I am so proud of my family and friends :)

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