Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Craft Corner - New Babies

In the past year we have moved from that phase in our life where all our couple friends are getting married to all our married friends are having babies. It's funny just how many babies have been born recently. Being far away from all our friends who are having babies makes it harder to give gifts because if I was in the same city and didn't have to pay for shipping, I would make big elaborate gifts like a diaper tower or a onesie bouquet. Since we are far away and on a tight budget, I have decided to invest some of my time and effort into creating unique gifts for our new baby friends. I have made enough onesies now that I want to share them, plus I think we are at a standstill for awhile before anymore babies are born. 

I hope some of you out there in the interwebs are inspired by these simple gift ideas for the growing families in your lives. These are simple, yet time consuming, ways to gift a unique personalized gift that can really impress on a budget. Sometime it's not how much you spend on a gift, but the thought that's behind it instead ;)


For Eliana. Eliana's parents are both in the medical field, hence the stethoscope onesie. Plus, they had an owl theme for Eliana's nursery and so I had to incorporate owls somehow. These were my first attempt at homemade unique onesies. I used felt with washable fabric glue reinforced with stitching. I also used beading fabric paint for the dot design.
For Nash. These onesies ended up being perfect for baby Nash because his parents chose a Chevron themed nursery. I think that little boy's dressed as men are super adorable, therefore I had to make him a cardigan and bowtie onesie. Lastly, I found the cutest polka dot felt that looked great as a tie. I used felt with fabric glue reinforced with stitching. I also quadruple double threaded the buttons so as to guarantee they would not become a choking hazard, you could also opt for felt buttons instead of real buttons.
For Kai. My childhood friend is Kai's mother and so there was no way she wasn't going to get some cardigan and bowtie onesies from me. I also found the cutest "Auntie's Little Monster" set that worked out perfect for my new little nephew, I just had to buy it. 
For Zane. Zane's father was the guitar player in Nick's band and was one of Nick's groomsmen. These parents decided to wait to find out the sex of their baby for the day it was born and as soon as I found out it was a boy, I knew exactly what to do. I think this guitar turned out pretty great, the sad part is I used an 18 month onesie (because I know parents tend to get a lot of newborn sizes, I try to make older months), therefore it will be quite awhile before I see that one in use, I can't wait.

Aside from the onesies, I wanted to make something special for my nephew and for our best neighbors ever. I came up with this idea to use my scrapbook supplies to make a really unique and personalized picture frame with the babies' full name and birth date, where the photo could be swapped out easily for updated photos (if desired). I enjoyed putting my scrapbooking skills to use since they have been in hibernation for quite awhile.

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