Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bittersweet New Beginning

It is finally the day, the day we have been preparing for for the last six months...we are leaving our home in California and heading North before heading East to settle in Indiana. It has been a busy couple of days with much packing, cleaning, and sad goodbyes. I truly cannot believe it is finally here but it is and we have officially said our goodbyes to our jobs, coworkers, home, my car,  neighbors, friends, and family. We are going to miss our home and all those involved in our lives but we are ready to hit the road. Our road trip starts today and if you would like to follow along with us, I will be posting from every stop, so keep checking in to see how things are going. 

Here is our itinerary in case you want to follow along:

July 22 - July 25 = Las Vegas
July 25 - July 26 = Slide Rock
July 26- July 29 = The Grand Canyon
July 29 - July 30 = Arches National Park
July 30 - July 31= Salt Lake City
July 31- August 3 = Yellowstone
August 3 - August 4 = Mount Rushmore
August 4 - August 5 = Badlands
August 5 - August 6 = Sioux Falls
August 6 - August 12 = Princeton, Plainfield, Chicago (Illinois)
August 12 = Arrive at our new home in West Lafayette, Indiana

And with that said, Good bye and thank you all for all your love and support <3

My car
Our neighbors...My coworkers
My family
My grandpa...My cousin
Nick's Family
My ladies


  1. I'll miss you Lizzle! It'll be a great adventure though!

  2. Great shot from the fourth of July party! So excited for your new adventure :)

  3. Liz, I hope your roadtrip is going well so far and you're enjoying Las Vegas a bit longer. I just wanted to say that I'm pretty sure I completely understand how you two must be feeling about all of this. It sounds a lot like how we felt about picking up and moving across country. Do you have any family or friends in Indiana? I hope so, that'll make it easier. If not, I encourage you to make it a priority to check out churches and settle in one. The body of Christ is everywhere, and that has been a huge help to us since we don't have more than a couple of friends out here. It can be daunting, but this whole experience may turn out to be a great adventure you will always be glad you did.
    Love, Jacy & Andrew

  4. the google map idea is good. will be following along. thank's for sharing your trip!!