Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vegas Baby!

So we have been in Vegas the past couple of days, where we got to spend some time with Grandma Sakamoto. We have enjoyed a variety of activities over the past three days, including: playing ping pong with the champ (Grandma), driving around in her golf cart, watching the movie "Brave" (which was better than everyone else led on), making Grandma a fabulous homemade steak and mashies dinner, driving around Grandma so she could run some errands and do some shopping, baking some cookies and doughnut holes with Grandma, eating at a Vegas breakfast buffet, and lastly visiting the strip and eating at Gordon Ramsay Steak! (which was delicious and so worth it). So far our trip has been great even though it has been very hot but it's been nice staying with Grandma and having the AC and showers. Now we move on to Arizona to visit The Hoover Dam and Slide Rock (which will probably be dried up) and The Grand Canyon with Danna. Should be a good next couple of days.
A little more on Gordon Ramsay Steak! for you foodies. So you should know of Gordon Ramsay from all things food on the Fox network, including Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and our most favorite, Mastechef. Well we have been watching him and his chef expertise for many years and so I definitely look up to him and so we had to go to his restaurant while we were in Vegas. Luckily we had made a reservation because they were completely booked and sold out when we went. The restaurant is located in the Paris Casino. When we got there, they welcomed us and walked us through the "Chunnel" from France to England cuisine. Therefore the restaurant is English themed like Gordon Ramsay. When we sat down they brought us a drink list that was presented on an IPad and later they rolled out a steak cart that displayed all the different cuts of beef that they had to offer. As for our meal decisions I chose the ever famous Gordon Ramsay favorite of Beef Wellington and Nick chose the Kobe Rib Cap with a side of sautéed mushrooms. Both dishes were absolutely amazing, the steaks just melted in our mouths and left us fully satisfied. Gordon Ramsay Steak was a great experience and I doubt we will ever have a better steak.

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  1. Thanks and keep those pics coming buddy !!

    Ramsey is a bit out of my price range so thanks for the picture