Monday, July 30, 2012

The Grandest Canyon Of Them All

After Slide Rock we headed to The Grand Canyon, where we camped at Mather Campground. That night we got our first glimpse of the canyon and although it was overcast and hazy it was breathtaking. We were both awestruck by how far it stretched and how deep it was. It is truly a sight to see, no one picture will ever capture the magnitude of it's greatness.
Our friend Danna, who lives in Phoenix, drove up to spend the weekend with us, which was awesome. The next couple of days were spent together hiking and exploring the area around the South Rim. We hiked both Hermit Trail and South Kaibab Trail. The trails although relatively short in distance were quite a work out due to the rapid elevation changes, for example South Kaibab Trail dropped 2,060 feet over 3 miles. Hiking down was difficult on our knees and hiking up was exhausting, but it was all worth it.
The views we got to see were truly amazing. Both Nick and I have added The Grand Canyon to our top ten places visited. I hope you enjoy our pictures. 

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