Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jalapeno Poppers

I recently bought a bag of jalapenos for a dollar and so I decided to make some jalapeno poppers even though I don't ever recall ever eating any jalapeno poppers before. I mixed a few of my favorite ingredients together, stuffed the jalapenos, and then once the poppers were cooked I wrapped them in a tortilla like a taco with some leftover carne asada and grilled veggies, pretty tasty.

10 jalapenos, seeded
1 tbsp. jalapeno seeds
1 cup of cream cheese (1/2 pound), softened
1/2 bunch of cilantro, finely chopped
1/2 cup Mexican cheese mix, shredded
1 tbsp cajun seasoning
1 tsp garlic salt

1. Cut off the stems of each jalapeno and use a small spoon, I used a 1/8th teaspoon spoon, to spoon out the seeds and the insides of the jalapeno while keeping the body of the jalapeno intact. Make sure you save about a tablespoon worth of seeds on the side.
2. In a bowl, mix together the remaining ingredients: seeds, cream cheese, cilantro, cheese mix, cajun seasoning, and garlic salt. Mix together until evenly blended.
3. Use the same small spoon from earlier and stuff each jalapeno with the cream cheese mixture.
4. Place the jalapenos on a grill safe sheet and stick on the grill until the outside of the jalapenos are a tad wilted.
5. Remove from heat and serve immediately as an appetizer by themselves or wrap them in a tortilla along with some taco fixings to make Jalapeno Popper Tacos. Enjoy!

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