Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Doubt

Ok, don't make fun of me but I feel like it is about time I made a quick mention on my blog about how much I love the band No Doubt. I don't want to sound like a crazy but I just had to mention how I have been a fan of No Doubt and their music since the early 90's. I have gone to over 6 of their concerts and to more than 3 Gwen Stefani concerts. There is something about their music that just makes me giddy and I love it. Plus from what I know about the people in the group, Gwen, Tom, Tony, Adrian, Gabe, and Stephen; they are such amazing, wonderful, and super talented and creative people. I really do look up to them and Gwen (well she is a female like me) and I am just so proud of how they have evolved over time, how they've stuck together through good times and bad, and how they have stayed out of the drama that exists as a musician in the pop world. SO yes, this is my small but huge tribute to No Doubt. I hope someday to meet and perhaps hang out with all of the members of No Doubt and maybe cook them one of my recipes :)

Anywho, the reason I decided to include this on my blog today is because I follow No Doubt on twitter (No Doubt is actually the only reason I am even on twitter) and they responded directly to me and so it made me feel really special. So yeah, I felt the need to pay tribute here :) Thanks for listening.

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