Monday, August 20, 2012

Indiana - Our New Home

We made it! We have now settled into our new home in West Lafayette, Indiana. We have been here for about a week now and Nick has officially started school. We unpacked pretty quickly and have really transformed our new apartment into our home.  So far things have been good here, specifically the weather. We have had lots of cool weather especially in comparison to the 100 degree weather that our old home in Cali has been having. In fact, we have had numerous storms, pretty much every other day. It has been fun experiencing the Mid West style of storms with thunder, lightning, and sheets of rain. We also celebrated Nick's birthday this past weekend, I showered him with love through food since we don't really have much else going on here so far. I made him French Toast for breakfast, then we headed to Triple X Root Beer for lunch, and ended the night with some homemade mac'n'cheese and yellow cake cupcakes.
 Our Home
 The Rain
 Happy Birthday Hubby!
 The new landscape for my runs