Thursday, August 16, 2012

Plainfield/Chicago, Illinois

Sorry it's been awhile, we finally arrived safely to Indiana and I haven't had a chance to update you all on the remainder of our road trip. So here it is, after Princeton with Nick's grandparents we headed to Plainfield, IL to visit with Nick's Uncle and his family. We arrived to their house on Saturday morning and we quickly headed to Chicago for the rest of the day. We drove all over town with a stop at the house where Nick's fathers' family grew up, a stop at Navy Pier, and we took a boat tour of the city from Michigan Lake. We had a great time with Nicks family and it was great for me to finally meet them.
 Nick and his Uncle Bob in front of the old Sakamoto Abode
 Riding the trolley to Navy Pier
 From Navy Pier
 View of the city from the pier
 View from our boat tour of the end of the pier
 The City
 Old Lighthouse
The Fam

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