Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever (Revised)

So I posted an almost identical cookie recipe a year ago but for some reason whenever I made them they turned out super cake-y and puffy. I like my cookies flat, so I have continually messed with the recipe to see if  I could perfect it. I tried different oven temps and adjusting refrigeration time but nothing worked until I started messing with the ingredients, then finally voila! Success!  I got them to the perfect consistency. My revised and delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe is below.


1 cup butter, at room temp
3/4 cup brown sugar, packed
3/4 cup white sugar
2 large eggs, one at a time
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp strong liquid coffee (optional)
2 cups all purpose flour
heaping 1/2 cup oatmeal, ground up in the blender
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1-2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

1. In a large mixing bowl, cream together the sugars and butter for a couple minutes with mixer.
2. Add vanilla and coffee, then one egg at a time. Mix together ntil those ingredients are well combined.
3. In separate bowl, mix flour, ground oatmeal, salt, soda and powder. Add this to wet ingredients and mix until blended.
4. Add chocolate by hand. Mix in.
5. Refrigerate for a minimum 1-2 hours or over night (you can skip this step but results are better if chilled).
6. Use a cookie scoop, make one inch flat balls on cookie sheet.
7. Bake at 365 degrees F for 8-10 minutes until edges start to brown - don't over bake!
8. Let them sit on the sheet for a few minutes to finish baking - that way they stay soft in the middle. Enjoy!

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