Monday, July 18, 2011

Fancyfied BLT

 I love BLT sandwiches, but regular BLT's can get boring and it's always nice to have a delicious fancier version of a BLT. This one I made is truly enjoyable, it's like an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Yummmm.

3-4 slices cooked bacon
2 slices of rosemary sourdough bread
1 tbsp pesto sauce
sliced roma tomatoes
sliced red onions
fresh spinach leaves
fresh basil leaves

1. Cook your bacon to the level of crispness that you desire. While bacon is cooking, toast 2 slices of bread.
2. Spread pesto sauce on the insides of both slices of toast. Layer all remaining ingredients between the slices of bread; roma tomatoes, red onions, basil leaves, and spinach leaves.
3. Close up sandwhich and enjoy!!!

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