Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hot Chocolate 15K

Today I ran in the first ever Hot Chocolate 15K in San Diego, which is basically the best idea for a run ever! The run was 15K, which is about 9.5 miles, which is great since it didn't require as much training as needed for a half marathon plus the run was proceeded with a chocolate feast. We were given a tray that included a cup of hot chocolate, some fondue chocolate and many dipping items. We were also able to gather many Ghirardelli chocolate squares. It as basically the most awesome run ever! My friends and I had a great time and although the path was quite hilly, we did a great job at finishing with a great pace.


  1. How fun! So is the chocolate feast used as your carbo-loading before the race? :)

  2. That looks so delicious! Makes me wanna go to the melting pot!