Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Our last stop on our big trip was to Tahiti in French Polynesia. This was the end of our trip and we were really excited to end it in a relaxing way, where we could really just sit and relax and not worry about having to see everything possible. Although full relaxation was our intention, we did end up doing some minor traveling to the city center Papeete and we also took a ferry trip to the neighboring island of Moorea. Although we didn't have the best experience with the locals in French Polynesia, our surroundings were absolutely gorgeous and we got to enjoy some snorkeling, body surfing, and sun bathing. We had a great time and loved the scenery.

One thing I want to share about French Polynesia is that it is super expensive, Megan actually came up with the analogy that French Polynesia is like the name brand version of a Hawaiian vacation, because a lot of the scenery was comparable to that of Maui and Kauai but for three times the price. If anybody I knew was thinking of going to French Polynesia I would tell them to decide carefully and to look into going to Hawaii instead. I would tell them that if they were to plan a trip to any of the gorgeous islands of French Polynesia then they should stay at an all-inclusive resort so as to save money and not starve since most meals at our resort were a minimum of $30 each for small portions.

The view from our balcony
 The Radisson Plaza Resort-Tahiti

 The Lobby (above) and The Pool (below)
 Native Tahitian dance show at The Radisson
Papeete Market and City Centre (everything closes by 4:30PM)

 Day Trip to Moorea
 The Hilton at Moorea
 We snorkeled in the crystal clear waters in front of The Hilton...
 ...and pretended like we stayed there
We felt like we were living in a postcard

Back to Tahiti at The Radisson, 
where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner show, the beach, and an absolutely breathtaking sunset
 Megan and I body surfing the waves
 Our last meal before our red eye flight home (we departed Tahiti at midnight)

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  1. Gorgeous pics! Really does look like your living in a postcard! Also that sunset pic of you is pretty neat. I think that should be your next profile pic ;)