Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hello everyone, I know it has been awhile. This time I have a great excuse. Nick and I went on vacation with our friend Megan to Australia, New Zealand, and French Polynesia (Tahiti and Moorea). Check out the pictures below for a quick recap of our awesome 16 day trip, starting with Australia.

 Sydney, Australia
TheSydney Opera House, where we saw the opera performance of The Magic Flute
Darling Harbour
Harbour Bridge 
 Featherdale Wildlife Park, where we got to feed and hang-out with Kangaroos, Koalas, Wallabies, and more...
 Cairns, Australia to visit The Great Barrier Reef
 Me with a giant clam. Megan with some yellow leather soft coral.
 Nick and I scuba diving and snorkeling.
 Fish, including Nemo to the right!
 Table Coral
 Turtle, turtle!!!! Nick got to scratch his back (not illegal since it helps remove the algae growing on their back)
We took a road trip to the Tablelands, near Cairns, where we went through some tropical rainforests and encountered tons of waterfalls and new flora and fauna
 Cathedral Fig Tree, Over 500 years old. Lily pads by a crater lake.
Enjoying the tropical rainforest...
 Waterfall #1
Waterfall #2
Waterfall #3
 A banana plantation and an awesome tropical butterfly with a 5" wingspan
 Waterfall #4 and a natural water rock slide
 The Boulders
 Pyramid Mountain

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  1. Great photo recap! I love the one with you and the kangaroos!