Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apple Pie, Attempt #1

My co-worker, Shannon and I got together this weekend in hopes of creating 4 different apple pies. A honey apple pie, an old fashioned apple pie, a caramel apple pie, and a apple crumb pie. What we ended up with was far from tasty. To keep it short, it all began with our, well my, method for making the dough because trying to wing it while baking is rarely a success. Next was our apple sauteing method, which in theory seemed like a great idea, but only if you saute all the apples to the same consistency and season them appropriately, but we did not. Then there was the fact that we did not make a dough for the top of the pie, instead we pieced together a type of crumb type top. In theory these pies should've come out pretty decent but due to our inconsistencies and mainly my lack of following the directions, after 4 hours of baking we ended with only two not-so-good honey crumb apple pies. And so for those reasons, I will not be including a recipe because we did not use one and because these pies just weren't good enough, after consuming one piece you did not want another. Either way it was still an entertaining pastime and Shannon and I still have to try and make some decent apple pies, maybe next time we will make sure to follow the recipe as precisely as possible. Lesson learned.

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