Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shrimp Po' Boy

Nick, my amazing husband, made dinner for me the other night. He decided to make a shrimp po'boy. It was absolutely delicious.

4 tbsp flour
1 tbsp cayenne pepper

1 tbsp yellow mustard
1 egg
1 tbsp of water
1 tbsp of Whiskey

4 tbsp cornmeal

one dozen medium sized shrimp, de-shelled and de-veined

1 large french bread roll, cut in half
spicy brown mustard
2 cups of coleslaw
1 tomato, sliced
1 small red onion, sliced

Directions: I don't know precisely how he made it, so I am kinda just winging it off of what he mentioned to me, you may have to adjust measurements etc.

1. Combine the flour and cayenne pepper in a bowl, blend well and set aside
2. Combine the yellow mustard, egg, water, and whiskey in a bowl, blend well and set aside
3. Place the cornmeal in a bowl, set aside
4. Heat up some oil in a pan to medium heat.
5. Take a shrimp, one at a time and dip it in the flour mixture, then the egg mixture, then the cornmeal and place in the oil. Repeat with all shrimp. Cook the shrimp about 2 minutes on each side.
6. Once shrimp is cooked, place on a french roll with the mayo, mustard, tomatoes, onions and coleslaw. Enjoy!

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